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Hooters Is Giving Free Wings To Anyone Who Shreds A Picture Of Their Ex On Valentines Day

Today - This Valentine’s Day, Hooters wants to help you move on from your past relationships and bad break-ups. The restaurant chain is inviting patrons to destroy a photo of an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend in exchange for free chicken wings. “Revenge is best served with a side of chicken wings,” a company press release says.

As part of the restaurant chain’s “#ShredYourEx” promotion, now in its third year, patrons can shred a pic of their ex in any Hooters restaurant — or virtually, through the Hooters website — and get 10 free boneless wings with a purchase of 10 wings of any type.

“Most restaurants only cater to couples on Valentine’s Day,” Carl Sweat, global chief marketing officer at Hooters of America, told TODAY Food by email. “At Hooters, we’re also celebrating those looking for a little light-hearted catharsis — and free wings. #ShredYourEx is a great opportunity for singles and their friends to have fun and enjoy some wings and drinks this Valentine’s Day.


Shout out to the Hoots. That’s a place where they keep it real. All these restaurants who cater to couples on V-Day can kick rocks. All these tasting menus and prix fixe and complimentary desserts, get the fuckkkkkk outta my face. I don’t care if you are a cute little couple, that’s lovely. That’s beautiful. I dig it. Love is great. But Hooters keeps it real. They know people need a place to go and get drunk, eat wings, and drown out how they royally screwed up the best thing to ever happen to them.

And it’s even more perfect for ladies because they LOVE the whole anti-romantic gesture like this. Shredding an ex’s picture to put on Snap and Insta, that’s so many likes it’ll make your head spin. Put a little caption like “Jeff is soooo 2000 and late” while the picture is halfway through the shredder, that’s 200 likes minimum.

So basically…Hooters is a match making service this Valentine’s Day. A place for singles to gather, get over their exes, eat free wings, and get drunk. What a genius idea. Re2pect.