Local Colombian Hero Julio "The Machine" Bell Posts +56 Thru 36 Holes On The Web.com Tour

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Julio, what are you doing dude? Seriously what are you doing. I don’t even mean the golf. Everybody plays some bad golf. Tiger Woods himself posted an 85 at The Memorial less than three years ago. The golf means nothing to me. What are you still doing on the golf course? This is withdraw city. You’re supposed to have turned your xbox off and walked out of the room legit 20 holes ago. Claim an injury. Claim a family emergency. Claim an excruciating toothache.

Anybody who tells you “don’t ever give up” is a moron. Absolutely give up. 100% give up, especially here. If you give up, you’re a non-story. You’re in the clump of WD guys at the bottom of the leaderboard. But you try to gut it out, be a hero, slap it around through 36 holes and you end up the laughing stock of the internet for a few hours.

FIFTY TWO OVER PAR!?! Gotta pack it in.

PS — Wait, wait, wait… Julio’s a local Colombian hero?

They call him “The Machine”?

And he BOUGHT his own spot?

Never mind. Don’t change a fucking thing Julio. Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.