OddsShark Presents Glenny & The Bets


Football is officially over and I don’t really know what to say? We, as a society, are fucked. From now until Conference Tournament SZN the sports world is in a dark and dull place. We’re stuck being peons with the NBA and College Basketball with no end in sight. It’s a long road until we’re back in business.

Let me tell ya though McMahon really needs to hurry up with the XFL and solve all these problems for the future. I was 4 years old when it began in 2001 so I didn’t remember much about the league, but I just googled it and its inaugural game was on February 3rd! February fucking 3rd! That year’s Super Bowl played between the Ravens and the Giants was on January 28th so within a week there was more football. Genius I tell you, Genius! Right as the NFL ends you got more a whole ‘nother season of Football to go! Hell, I’d be happy with betting peewee football as long as it’s on so this had to be a goddamn treat. Can’t wait to live in a world like this again in a few years.

Anyways let’s get on with it.

  • Nuggets at Rockets Over 222.5
    • I like what I see here! 2 top 10 offenses across the league that also sport 2 below average defenses facing off in H-Town on a Friday night! The only downfall of this bad boy is the fact that it’s not on national TV. Step your shit up, ESPN. This would’ve been an immaculate pregame game. Get those illegal streams ready people cause we’re gonna need ‘em…unless you’re lucky enough to be a Coloradan or a Houstonian.
  • Flames at Rangers Over 6
    • NHL overs have sky rocketed this season. Why in God’s name would a Rangers-Flames game be 6? Back in the day it’d be 5 or 5.5! Now we need SEVEN goals for a W. Seems wild, but I think it’ll happen. The Rangers are one of the best Over teams at home and not to mention they pretty much threw in the towel on the season yesterday. The lineup they’re touting out calls for pretty much the worst defense possible. God only knows if Henrik will even play.
  • Davidson at Rhode Island Over 144
    • These 2 teams are identical. They’re twins, Basile! Davidson averages 76.77 a game on offense and 66.91 on defense. Rhode Island averages 77.23 on offense and 66.73 on defense. That’s almost creepy how similar they are. Now we just have to hope that their offense stats go up the same amount and their defense stats get worse together after tonight!

Well that’s all for me this week, folks. As always you can find me on Twitter @glenny_balls for questions, comments, and concerns. Good Luck on your endeavors this weekend. May the Gambling Gods be with you.