Ron Borges Got Catfished By A Fake Don Yee And Wrote An Article That Brady Is Demanding A Jimmy G Contract

Jerry has a delicious hatred for Borges so he’ll probably have a longer story about this in a bit but when I woke up and saw this it was like I got espresso injected directly into my veins. I haven’t been this jacked up at 8:42 in the morning since ever in my whole life. What a fucking MORON. What a goddamn fool. What a buffoon. For those who don’t know, Borges is got busted for plagiarizing (not for fucking up the Super Bowl story). You’d think that would make someone more cautious over the rest of their career but apparently not. Borges exchanged a handful of misspelled texts with a random number claiming to be Don Yee, did no research on it, then wrote an article that the greatest quarterback in history was going to boycott all OTAs. Fucking INCREDIBLE. I wish I could say I’m shocked but I’m not even close to it.