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Introducing ZeeBee, The Service Dog That Stoolies Are Providing To A Veteran



Earlier this year, we raised some money for service dogs for Veterans. Well, the dogs are getting ready to start training and they sent me some pictures. Zeebee is a good girl! Seriously, what a gorgeous dog.

Here’s what the folks at k9s for Warriors said about ZeeBee. (like ZBT the podcast… get it?)

Hey Chaps – Early next week you will receive a letter from our CEO letting you know that “Zeebee” is officially in the kennel! She (yes, she’s a girl) is a real beauty, and I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at her. I believe she came through our puppy program, but I’m hoping to be able to share some specifics about her background when our intake coordinator gets back in next week. Meanwhile, here’s what her trainer has to say about her:

Zeebee is a very sweet little girl. She seems to love everyone that she meets. We are working hard on building her focus and getting her to work around distractions. She needs to mature a little more and get out of her puppy stage. I look forward to taking her out in public once she can focus on working a little more.”

Venmo is now number one on the waiting for dog list, so it’s just a matter of days before your second dog will be training too.

Thanks Chaps, holler if you have any questions.

They are gonna send me updates throughout her training and I’ll keep you posted. This is gonna be a great thing for a veteran in need. Thanks again to everyone who donated.

If you are unfamiliar with what K9s for Warriors does, here’s a video about the organization.