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Late Night NBA Trade Rumors Are Heating Up

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I hope you weren’t planning on going to sleep. How can anyone sleep? This day needed a pick me up NBA Trade Deadline rumor and this sure as hell qualifies. It’s a no brainer fit, Avery Bradley is 100% a Popovich type player, and he will be awesome if they are able to pull it off. Imagine a defensive lineup of Murray/Bradley/Green/Kawhi/LMA? That’s pretty fucking nails.

From a contract perspective Danny Green has a $10M option that who knows if he takes, so being able to keep Avery long term is attractive I would imagine. Even if it costs them a first round pick, if I’m the Spurs I make this happen. Pop knows how good Avery was in Brad’s system, he would be a great addition.

For me personally, I’ve known this day would come for quite some time

So I wish the best for Avery, and that means playing for the Spurs. You bet your ass the Warriors are taking note if the Spurs are able to add a perimeter defender like that.

Man tomorrow is going to be so much fun.