Today Is The Party That Philadelphia Has Deserved For Decades

I’m sure at this point, everybody who isn’t a Philly fan is already experiencing Eagle fatigue. I get it. Especially if you’re a Patriots fan or a Giants fan or a Cowboys fan. All I have to say to you guys right now is just…. well… shut the hell up and let us enjoy our time because it’s been a long, long time coming.

The city of Philadelphia loves our sports teams. If you grow up in this area and you’re not a die hard 4-for-4 fan, you’re an outcast. This isn’t a bandwagon city. This isn’t a fanbase who decides to start liking a team when it’s convenient for them. Why is that? Well because for the most part, it’s almost never convenient to be a Philly fan. But through every single up and down, we’ll always support the Phillies. Through every single up and down, we’ll always support the Flyers. Through every single up and down, we’ll always support the Sixers. And through every single up and down, we’ll always support the Eagles. But there’s something different about the Eagles. Like I said, this is a 4-for-4 town but at the forefront of our fandom, it’s always the Eagles at the top. This is a Philadelphia Eagles city through and through, but up until this past Sunday we’ve never been able to witness this team end their season with a win. Or at least not a win in the playoffs.

So this moment right here that we’re experiencing? What Sunday night meant to this city? Well it means everything. It was finally validation for an entire city who have put their hearts and their souls into this team. It’s never exactly been easy to be an Eagles fan. Not when you have Cowboys fans and Giants fans and Steelers fans shoving their Super Bowl titles in your face all the time while you’d do anything for just one. But the fans in this city and Eagles fans around the world never faltered. Every year we went in as optimistically as we could. We’ve been optimistic to a fault at times but that sure beats the shit out of not caring about the team. Sure, we may get a little negative as the season goes on but we always start off every season with “this could be the year”. And that constant love for the Birds is passed down from generation to generation to generation.

Unfortunately, many of those generations of Eagles fans are not with us anymore. Unfortunately there are plenty of Eagles fans who weren’t able to live long enough to see this day. And that’s what’s going to make Super Bowl LII so special for Eagles fans. Because we know that some fans went their entire lives without seeing the Eagles win a Super Bowl but that’s not the case anymore. And hopefully it’s not the case ever again. But the first one was the most important one. And today we celebrate that.

Quick Note: I’ll be posted up at Urban Saloon in Fairmount for most of the parade blogging (company man). Feel free to swing by if you’re in the area and lets enjoy a nice cold one together. Ferda Birds.