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Rate The New Baha Men Song "Bumpa"

Finallyyyyyyy the Baha Men HAVE COME BACK INTO THE NATIONAL SPOTLIGHT!!! And they didn’t return a minute too soon. As you guys have probably noticed, times have been pretty rough around Barstool the last few days. I’m still mourning the loss of my 7’3″ unicorn as KFC adds another log to his fire pit of misery. Francis can’t land a man date with Samer Kalaf. The usually teflon Patriots fans in the office continue to lick their wounds inflicted by Nick Foles’ gigantic member. Even our resident Eagles blogger couldn’t enjoy the Super Bowl Glow Up and is being attacked by multiple sports media outlets for his member making an appearance online.

Luckily all the Baha Men do are make hits that make people happy. Like they literally haven’t had a hit since “Who Let The Dogs Out” took over the entire fucking planet back when Y2K was still a thing.

Now I know what you are saying. “Clem, I can’t judge this song based off of simply the studio recording. True music #fans know that live performances are what separate the good bands from the great bands”. Listen, Mr. or Mrs. Stoolie. I couldn’t agree more! As someone that witnessed a Baha Man show in person, I can tell you that they thrive when they are a live.

So here is their performance from Live With Kelly And Ryan this morning.

I could deduct points for them going back to the well and playing “Who Let The Dogs Out” for more than half of the performance. But when your first girlfriend just happened to be a straight up dime, you may call and ask for her to be your date to every wedding you get invited to despite the fact you broke up more than a decade ago.

Official Barstool Rating For “Bumpa”: 10/10. Song of the Summer Candidate despite coming out in fucking FEBRUARY.

Official Barstool Rating For “Bumpa” In GIF Form: