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The Egg Challenge Is Sweeping The Nation And Dogs Are Having Mixed Results

So I wrote a blog the other day bout The Egg Challenge. It’s basically a challenge where you stick on egg in your dog’s mouth and see if they crack the egg or not. Originally it was just for golden retrievers because they are very very gentle and never cracked the egg. Well now The Egg Challenge has taken the nation by storm and we have even more videos of dogs attempting it.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

This was the original egg challenge I saw

Here we have a half-golden retriever attempting it. Apparently if a dog has any shred of golden retriever lineage they are the most gentle.

Bella the golden retriever crushing the challenge

German shepherd didn’t fare so well

Golden doodle scared shitless of the egg

Next time somebody says, “Pit bulls are mean and aggressive and bad dogs” show them this video. Gentle and protective.

Corgi would rather being doing anything else than attempting to hold an egg


Minus the german shepherd and that last golden retriever, dogs are pretty damn good with eggs. There has to be a scientific reason for that. Do they see the egg and instantly think it’s an unborn animal and need to protect it? That’s the best reason my brain can muster. Cause not only do the dogs not crack the eggs, they sprint away with the egg. Like they’re tying to get it away from the humans before we can turn it into breakfast. That puts a sad twist on what we just watched but there’s a good chance it’s true. Welp see ya later!