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The Full Version Of 'Runaway' From The Westworld Trailer Is AWESOME

Live look at Kanye stans all over the world (myself included)

GOD DAMN I SAY GOD DAMN. So the other night HBO dropped their Westworld season 2 trailer. The song in the background was clearly Kanye West’s ‘Runaway but we didn’t get the full version. Well now we do and it’s awesome. Big ol’ boner over here after listening to that. And here I thought Runaway was already a perfect song. That was beautiful. Like I might’ve teared up a little bit. That’s how beautiful it was. What can’t Kanye do? Not only does he create some of the greatest songs in hip hop but it turns out they also translate to classical music. Not to mention the countless commercials his songs have been used in. I wanna hear a whole album of Kanye beats like that Runaway song. Who wouldn’t buy that? That would sell a bajillion copies.

I’d also like to go on record and say that the All Of The Lights (interlude) is one of my favorite songs off MBDTF. It’s perfect.