Ryan Shazier Shocks Everyone By Standing Up After Receiving A Standing Ovation At Last Night's Penguins Game

Source –  On a night when Penguins fans serenaded visiting goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, Ryan Shazier got a standing ovation.

The Steelers inside linebacker, who suffered a spine injury that required surgery on Dec. 6, stole the show at the Penguins game against the Vegas Golden Knights Tuesday at PPG Paints Arena. 

Shazier then stunned everyone by standing up, with some assistance. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Sunday that Shazier “has regained movement in his legs and is engaging in a regular walking routine,” which NBC’s Michelle Tafoya later clarified that Shazier is only walking with assistance.

 What a fantastic moment. I can’t imagine what Ryan and his family have been through over the past few months. To see him making such incredible progress after only two months is nothing short of inspirational. It would’ve been easy for him to sit back and feel bad for himself but he didn’t. He sucked it up and fought his ass off to regain movement in his legs. His end goal is to get back on the field and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

Having spent the last few weeks working with Willie Colon Barstool Breakfast, I’ve learned a lot about the physical sacrifices players make for the game. Whenever we see an injury like Ryan’s it reminds us of that sacrifice. That guy was on the field, battling for our entertainment and now he’s battling just to walk. So next time you’re coffee’s cold, or you forget your keys at home, remember that those are champagne problems. Things could be worse. Much worse. Best of luck to Ryan and his entire family. I’m looking forward to seeing what he accomplishes next.