Booker T Threatens To Actually Beat Up His Former WWE RAW Commentary Partner Corey Graves If He Sees Him In The Streets


“People ask me about Corey Graves. Corey Graves is good at what he does, you know? Corey Graves, he’s thrown jabs at me, I’ve thrown jabs back, you know? And you know, the thing is Corey Graves, of course, yeah, he’s a college educated young man. His vernacular is a little different than mine. You see that word I just used? Threw that out there – just want you people to know, I ain’t studied this, it’s just something that we just threw out.

But I tell you, if I got Corey Graves into a fisticuffs, I would beat him down like he stole something. I would be whooping his ass all day long. Because that’s the thing – my thing is this. I’m a nice guy, until you get on my bad side. Corey Graves, right now, I wouldn’t necessarily say he’s on my bad side, but he’s the reason that I’m not on Monday Night Raw right now. Because, you know what, a lot of people in the company thought I was gonna jump on him, I was gonna do something bad to him, I was gonna drag him, I was gonna take him out to the woodshed, I was gonna beat that man so bad, I was gonna beat him until this man say, ‘Please, please, please, just don’t beat me any more.’

That’s how hot I was getting. That’s how close I was getting. So, they said, ‘Hey, Book. We’re gonna take – step back a second, alright? We’re gonna regroup, alright, we’re gonna press the rewind button. We’re gonna send you back to the Kickoff show of SmackDown, Monday Night Raw pay-per-views and cool you down for a second. Cause we don’t want you to do anything to Corey Graves, because we know what you could do to him. We know Corey Graves could do… he’s sitting there for a reason, man. He’s sitting there for a reason, and Corey Graves knows it.

You know what? I’ll tell you this here. I want all you people out there to know, you heard it right here Heated Conversations, Sports Radio 610, it’s probably gonna make all the dirt sheets like Meltzer and all those guys. But if I catch Corey Graves on the street, I’m gonna do something to him. Alright? I ain’t gonna do it at the office or anything like that. But if I catch him… not gonna do it in the airport, nah, I’m not gonna do that. But if I catch Corey Graves on the street? You see that little bouffant hairdo he got? I’m gonna rearrange it for him. Alright? I’m just saying. I’m just saying… Let me catch him at Starbucks. I’m a tattoo him…

He’s one of those guys gonna have to walk it like he talk it… Me personally, everybody knows my reputation… I get mean, when you mess with my green. And right now, my green is being messed with, you know what I mean? So, me and Corey Graves… WrestleMania coming up, right? There’s room for one more match. Right now, on my show, Heated Conversations, Sports Radio 610, I’m calling Corey Graves out to a fight. Not a match. Not a pre-show posedown or anything like that. I’m calling Corey Graves out to a fight.”

Dafuq? Those are the ramblings of a madman that make me worry about the state of Booker’s brain. Either that, or he’s just a colossal idiot. He says, “Corey Graves…he’s the reason I’m not on Monday Night RAW right now”, and truly believes that, then openly threatens to “beat him like he stole something”. He brings up the fact that “a lot of people in the company” were worried that he’d “drag [Graves] out to the woodshed”. Sounds to me like that’s the reason you’re not on Monday Night RAW, doofus! Everyone you work with feels unsafe around such a loose cannon! Not to mention Booker T is the worst WWE commentator of the past decade, so it’s not even worth it to keep him around for any reason.

Wrestling’s fake, and one of the biggest rules of wrestling is to not “shoot” on anybody, meaning not legitimizing storylines leading to real life fisticuffs. That is exactly what Booker T is doing here, like an absolute lunatic, and it’s not even the first time in recent memory something like this has happened. Corey Graves practically saved Scott Stanford’s life (and Booker’s job) because the 5x World Champ couldn’t take a joke ON AIR.

What’s wrong with this guy?

Corey Graves responded with some philosophical quote and said on RAW last night that if Jonathan Coachman wasn’t careful, he’d wind up on local afternoon radio, a clear jab at Booker. At least somebody’s being an adult in all of this. FFS Booker.