Gronk's House Was Reportedly Robbed of Safes and Guns While He was in Minnesota

SourceRob Gronkowski returned home from the Super Bowl on Monday to learn his house had been robbed while he was away in Minneapolis.

The Foxborough Police Department said on Tuesday morning that Gronkowski, 28, called at 6:18pm on Monday to report that a burglary had occurred at his $1 million home. …

It is unclear when the burglary might have occurred, with Gronkowski heading out to Minneapolis early last week, giving the alleged looters a full week to try and access his home. …

He was joined by two friends, Nate Ruckdaschel and Robert Goon, who could be seen peeking out the front door as NBC cameras filmed them from just outside the property.

AndAccording to the police scanner audio, “the homeowner [Gronkowski], while he was on his trip, his house was broken into,” the officer is heard saying. “Multiple safes … possible guns” reportedly were missing.

Last Super Bowl Tom Brady gets his jersey stolen right out of his locker, and now this. To state the obvious, that certainly sucks. And a hell of a lousy way to cap off two terrible weeks for Gronk. Just adding insult to injury in the most literal sense. The guy spends two weeks in the Concussion Protocol, fights to get himself cleared, gets in the lineup, plays all 76 snaps, hauls in two touchdowns including what should have been a go-ahead score for the ages, only to stand by and watch from the sidelines while his own defense betrays the team with the huge, painful nurple of blowing a championship. Then he has to come home with Nate and Goon and find out that while he was fighting to bring the region home a ring and the Duckboat parade we so richly deserve, some dirtbags were taking advantage of his absence to rob his house. Not to mention being filmed by the local news while you’re discovering all this. What a goddamned thing to have to deal with.

I consider myself lucky I’ve never been broken into, but I’ve always imagined it’s one of the worst feelings in the world. And one of the most heinous crimes. At least if you’re a victim of violence, you have a chance to defend yourself and fight back. I’ve always considered this worse because it’s a violation you can’t do anything about. The idea that some scumbag is rifling through all your personal stuff while you’re out earning a living just to feed his opioid addiction just drives me over the edge.

When I was working in a courthouse I very rarely had honest talks with the guys in custody. Because I didn’t care what they thought and mostly I was just working on how I could get out of that place so I could just write and talk for a living. But a couple of times I couldn’t help myself. I heard prisoners bitching about how unfair they were being treated by the system or whatever, and just snapped. And laid it out for them. Words to the effect of, “People work hard every day. Usually at jobs they hate for bosses who treat them like garbage. The government takes half their money. A huge chunk of the rest goes to things they have to have, like a mortgage, car insurance, utilities. And with what’s left over, they buy themselves and their loved ones things that will bring them some happiness and comfort. Only to have guys like you break in while they’re at work and help yourself to that stuff because you don’t care about anyone but yourself. And after all that, if you think they give a flying fuck how the system treats you, or want you anything other than locked up forever you’re living in a fantasy land.”  Those conversations are all I can think about when I hear about someone’s house getting broken into.

The scary part is that whoever these burglars are, they probably knew it was Gronk’s house and waited for him to be away in Minnesota for a week. The good part is that supposedly he has all sorts of surveillance equipment so hopefully it won’t be long before they’re caught. The only surprising part for me is that he lives in a $1 million mansion. I don’t know why, but I just always pictured him in a one-bedroom dorm type setup, with milk crates holding up pieces of pine board with nothing but a Playstation, Madden and Call of Duty, a weight bench and stuff for making protein shakes. Go figure.

From what I understand, the guy who stole Brady’s jersey isn’t allowed in the country any more. But the police might want to check on the whereabouts of one Martin Maurcio Ortega, just to be thorough. Anyway, here’s hoping he gets his stuff back and these little shits get some swift justice. Now let the angry self-righteousness over the fact that Gronk owns guns begin in 5 … 4 … 3 …