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27 Million People Have Watched This Video About Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy: Very Unfair

This is bullshit. Just straight up bullshit. Is the video beautiful? Sure. It’s wonderful and gorgeous. That’s not up for debate. People kept wondering why I was 20 minutes behind tweeting about the Super Bowl, well, here’s the reason.

I was late because I watched the video twice. That’s how good it was. I counted as 2 of the 28 million. I just watched it again and I’m fighting back tears. I would say crocodile tears but I dont want to trigger the good people of North Queensland who are dealing with their own problems every 3 months. Limb to limb? Ruthless.

That being said, how does Kylie have that many views in 24 hours while my how to shampoo video is sitting at 275k. Doesn’t seem right.

The sad part about this whole thing is that I couldn’t even give birth if I wanted to at this point. It’s not because I don’t have sex. I do. It’s because I’ve had a vasectomy and, as a result; I am no longer physically able to give birth. This sucks.