This High School Basketball PA Announcer SCREAMING Players Names During Intros At 11:30 AM On A Saturday Can Announce For My Team Any Day Of The Week

What a glorious, ridiculous, laugh out loud funny video. In the cube monkey world, they say you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. And I guess in the PA announcer world, you should announce for the job you want as well. And this dude clearly wants to be the next announcer that yells “DEEEEETROIIIIIIIIIIIT BASKETBALLLLLLLL”. That guy set his trachea on fire for kids that didn’t even have the slightest hop in their step, likely because it was a fucking high school basketball game before noon on a Saturday. Sure these players were being introduced like they were in front of 72,000 raucous 12s in Seattle before a playoff game. But I imagine it’s tough to get hyped when all you can think about is your crush not being one of the half dozen people in the crowd and you have a shitload of chemistry homework to get to after the game. Even a guy with the excitement level of Buddy The Elf hearing Santa is coming to the mall doesn’t wash away the high school blues.

If this guy doesn’t make it as a PA announcer in the NBA or college hoops, I need him following me around all day and announcing my life. Sure it would mostly be him screaming that I’m getting up from the computer to piss or get lunch. But that guy’s a pros pro that can make even the laziest blogger’s day seem like a fucking rager.

h/t Tim