A Former PFF Writer Is Saying Malcolm Butler Missed Curfew, Got Caught With Weed, Then Had A Meltdown On The Coaches

I don’t know who this guy is so I’m not going to blindly believe it, but it certainly would offer some clarification. Belichick had a call with the media today and stuck to his guns saying it was a coaching decision, Bademosi practiced the packages more, and it would be a “longer explanation” to get into everything. Personally, I had time.

Last night I laid in bed tossing and turning because I couldn’t get this entire situation out of my head. Of all the head scratchers Belichick has pulled I’ve never questioned one, it was always in Bill we trust, but how can you not seriously look at this and say there’s a very real chance it cost the team a Super Bowl? That’s an all time ego move by Belichick to leave his Pro Bowl caliber corner on the bench for four straight quarters while a backup QB shreds your defense. How can you not forever have to factor that into Belichick’s legacy?

I don’t even think missing curfew and having some weed justifies it. Maybe he came home and said some AWFUL shit to the coaches, he’s probably had some pent up anger ever since the Gilmore deal and finally let it off his chest, but what could he possibly say to make you go “That’s it, I’m so mad at you I’m gonna lose the Super Bowl.”

The Malcolm Butler era will forever be a very strange one. From surprise Super Bowl hero to surprise Super Bowl bench warmer is as bizarre as things get. I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of speculation, but at least maybe here’s a potential explanation.