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Here's A New Picture Of Elizabeth Hurley To Cure Your Post-Super Bowl Blues

Elizabeth Hurley posted this picture on Instagram yesterday. I thought about putting it up as a HAPPY SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! blog but I then thought, no. No I’m not gonna do that. I’ll save it for tomorrow when people are sitting at their desks bloated and hungover and miserable after a day of uninhibited debauchery. Nobody needs extra motivation on Super Bowl Sunday. It’s the biggest Don’t Let Monday Ruin Your Sunday day of the year. Well, I would imagine lots of you let Sunday ruin your Monday so I’m here with a new Elizabeth Hurley picture to save the day. People forget that she’s almost 53 years old and still throwing mid-90s on the black. I don’t forget and will never forget. She’s timeless. So keep pushing through the day. It’ll be quitting time before you know it.

Roll the tape!