Super Bowl Commercials Have Been Living Off The, "Commercials Are Just As Good As The Game" Lie For Far Too Long

This might be one of those #hottakes you hear about all the time but I’m convinced it’s true. Super Bowl commercials have been living off the, “Super Bowl commercials are just as good as the game” lie for far too long. They suuuuuuuuuuuuck. They’re not good. Like I can’t even remember the last time a Super Bowl had a bunch of good commercials. Last night certainly wasn’t one of them. I’m having a hard time remembering any notable ones at all minus the Dinklage/Busta Rhymes one.

And even that didn’t knock my socks off. There was the M&M one with Danny Devito that was okay. Then there was all the meta Tide commercials with Hopper that were alright. Other than that? And other than the 500 movie and TV trailers that dropped? They STUNK. They stunk out loud. Which is precisely what I’m getting at. Why do all of us say Super Bowl commercials are good? Are we all brainwashed by corporate America? Cause any time anyone brings up the Super Bowl it eventually leads to, “and the commercials are awesome.” That’s not true and it hasn’t been true for a long time (if ever). Super Bowl commercials are living on a myth that was created somewhere along the line. A myth that companies now spend millions upon millions of dollars for 30-second spots. Remember last year when all of the commercials tried to make us cry? That was weird.

And remember this shit? Remember this fucking shit?

These are the Super bowl commercials everyone rants and raves about? I don’t know about you but I don’t wanna be thinking about dead kids while I’m shoveling buffalo chicken deep into my face hole. I don’t wanna be thinking about dead kids in general.

It may even be possible that no Super Bowl ever had tons of good commercials. That’s a scorching #hottake but loving the commercials during the Super Bowl feels like one of those things everyone says just cause everyone else says it. For whatever reason, we all tell each other that Super Bowl commercials are cool and funny when they’re not for the most part. Is it or is it not possible that all of us romanticized Super Bowl commercials because there have been a handful of awesome ones over the years? I find that to be very possible. That’s all I’m saying.