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Quick Shoutout To UMass For Getting Into The Riot Game Tonight

The more things change, the more they stay the same. UMass can smell riots from hundreds of miles away. It doesn’t matter if they ban smoking cigarettes on campus, it doesn’t matter if they tear down frat row, it doesn’t matter if the administration never replaced the trees that got burned to the ground after Aaron Boone hit that home run in 2003. None of it matters. These teenage Patriots fans in Southwest have literally only known greatness for their entire lives and they’re still out there lighting fires and getting into standoffs with the campus police. Because the only thing they didn’t have in their lives up until this point WAS this riot.

Now, these don’t hold an inflamed Ford Fusion to what’s going on in the streets of Philly right now, but don’t let the comparison skew you too much. Those police horses are on more roids than McGwire and Sosa during the home run race and those kids are as drunk as anyone on the planet right now. Life altering decisions are being made out in Amherst tonight and I, for one, couldn’t be more proud to see tradition being carried on.