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Reminder: The Empire State Building Is A Giant Front-Running Piece Of Shit

#DieEmpyDie. Look, I’m not asking the Empire State Building to ignore the biggest event on the planet. I’m asking him to simply not get on his knees suck the dick of a team that just made millions of New Yorkers miserable and let that team bust its colors all over his face. Giants fans are pissed that the Eagles won. Jets fans that also root for the Mets are pissed that Philadelphians are happy. And any non-Eagles fan that has heard any of the stories of Philadelphians over the years are pissed those people get the most glorious night any NFL fan can experience. So while Eagles fans watch their city burn to their ground, New Yorkers have to watch their 2nd biggest building flaunt enemy colors on a dark day in New York sports history. Shameful. I don’t know how we can boycott a building, but somebody needs to ship this big bitch down to Broad Street ASAP. #TeamFreedomTowerForLife

Meanwhile down in Philadelphia: