Another Kid Gets Stuck Inside One Of Those Claw Game Machines

kid claw stuck

Huffington Post- A little girl presumably sick of the tyrannical claw machine never passing out toys took matters into her own hands. A photo originally posted to Imgur and picked up by The Daily Dot shows a young girl grabbing a stuffed toy from within the glass walls of a claw machine in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The girl simply crawled into the machine and started handing out free toys, according to the original poster. “I feel like I would have the urge to block the exit, put in a dollar, and start attacking her with the claw… but that’s just me,” Reddit user ShabbyAssets said. It is unclear whether she escaped the clutches of the claw, according to Gawker, though it’s probable that she did. This marks the second time within a week that a child has been found inside a claw machine.

So I guess this is the new trend amongst little kids?  Crawling into claw games and getting stuck.  Just last week we had the little boy inside one in Nebraska and now we’ve got this little girl in one down Florida.  It’s sweeping the nation.  But despite the obvious similarities between the two stories there’s one major difference.  The boy who got stuck inside the machine was a selfish prick and only took one bear for himself, this little girl was having people point out what they wanted and grabbing it for them.  That little boy got one-upped in a big way.  She’s basically the Robin Hood/Omar Little* of the claw game.  Taking away stuffed animals from the taunting claw game and giving back to the poor kids who can never drop the claw in the right spot.  You can’t teach that type of charitability(sp?).  You’re simply born with it.  If you’re this little girl’s parents you can’t even really be mad.  Did she make you look like terrible parents?  Yes.  Are you going to get a call from child services?  Yes.  But did she make the world a better place?  Also yes.

*I robs claw machines.

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