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Tom Brady Wins the NFL MVP. Yawn.



Like I said two months ago, the one award Patriots fan do not want is Tom Brady as regular season MVP. As a Pats fan, you take it as a point of pride that the GOAT has knocked more regular season MVPs out of the postseason than he’s won himself. Kurt Warner. Steve McNair. LaDainian Tomlinson. Matt Ryan. Hell, he’s knocked an MVP Peyton Manning out of the playoffs as many times as he and Gisele have made adorable, genetically perfect children. Until tonight.

And the two times he’d previously won the virtually useless regular season MVP, he didn’t come away with the only thing he cares about. Or we care about: A championship. I’ve been obsessing over Tom Brady since the moment he took over the huddle after Drew Bledsoe got split in two by Mo Lewis. And I’ve yet to hear him utter the words “You know what my favorite MVP trophy is? The next one.” But I’ve heard him say that about rings more times than you’ve had hot dinners.

So good for Brady. I guess. Frankly, like I said in November, I’d rather have seen Carson Wentz win it. Or as I’ve said since Wentz went on IR, I’d happily take Todd Gurley,Antonio Brown, Drew Brees or a longshot like Aaron Donald.

But sadly, the fates intervened and now the greatest career in NFL history is tainted by an award as common as yet another NFL regular season MVP. At the age of 40. After so many frauds have said he’s only good because he deflated footballs. And that he was about to hit a cliff. And Belichick was anxious to move on from him to Jimmy Garoppolo. Instead, he is simply the NFL’s best, most productive, most durable and in the most literal sense of the words: Most. Valuable. Player. For the third time. With no end in sight.

The only real issue is on which shelf at the Brady mansion in Brookline this latest MVP trophy will be used to hold up books. Because to the GOAT, it serves no other practical use. That useless high school shop class project be special to Matt Ryan, Cam Newton or Aaron Rodgers, but means nothing to the GOAT. Wake him and me up when he wins something we care about.