Spirit Airlines Crew Gets Bullied To Hell By Philly Fans On Their Way To Minnesota

Spirit, Spirit, Spirit. C’mon guys. You gotta know better than this. You’ve got a plane full of Birds fans who are ready to go on 120 hour bender. The only reason they’re flying on your airline in the first place is because it’s like $5 to get halfway around the world and there are no rules. You’ve got a pack of wild dogs on board and you think you can just get some limp flight attendant on the speaker to tell everybody to “tone it down”? Yeah. Enjoyed getting dunked on for the entire flight now. The flight crew in “Con Air” had a better chance of keeping those passengers under control than Spirit did right here. And did you see “Con Air”? Shit didn’t exactly go according to plan for the flight crew. Shoutout to Cyrus the Virus though. 100% a Birds fan.

P.S. – Sharing the sky with this Spirit flight today?

What a crew. I also need to get my hands on that Wawa shirt. Just surprised Mac hasn’t ripped the sleeves off of that bad boy yet.

Go Birds.