A Gentleman Threatened To Punch A Bus Driver So Hard That The Driver Would Shit Himself

The language…sir… it’s inappropriate. Hard Fs? Not in 2018. Never in my life have I heard someone being braggadocious about his family members being a long line of bus drivers. I have now and that feels good. I mean, having one cousin who drives the bus is something special to mention but having multiple family members who drive the bus is downright braggy. We get it. You come from a long line of safe drivers. Probably get a safe driver’s discount from either State Farm or Progressive. Gotta take advantage of that. 15 percent off your monthly premium is nothing to shake a stick at. You’d think a guy who was getting so much off his monthly bill would 1. be in a better mood 2. not be taking the bus around town anymore.

I hope he didn’t actually punch the dude so hard that the driver shit himself. Only thing worse than being punched so hard that you shit your britches is being told that you were gonna be punched so hard that you’ll shit your pants before it happens and then you actually end up with a belly punched and britches full of shit. Not good.

Credit to BarstoolHubbs for the video. He gave his permission to use it on the blog and all platforms.

PS. The haters were saying I wouldn’t use the back of a bus seat as a blog’s thumbnail in 2018. Hi haters.