Chiefs Fans Are Thanking Alex Smith By Flooding His Charity With Donations

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Kansas City Star - Like most NFL quarterbacks, Alex Smith was the subject of intense scrutiny during his time as the Chiefs’ starting quarterback, with many of his supporters citing his 50-26 record and his detractors citing his flaws and 1-4 playoff record.

But in the wake of Smith’s recent trade to Washington, Chiefs fans have rallied together for one last show of support to their former five-year starter, as they’ve donated to his charity — the Alex Smith Foundation — in a big way.

This grassroots movement to donate to Smith’s charity started early Wednesday, and as of Thursday night, the foundation received 2,463 donations totaling $47,000, according to Pam Smith, Alex’s mother.

“We are very grateful and amazed,” Smith wrote to The Star in an email.

The Alex Smith Foundation is a nonprofit that provides foster teens with resources to transition to adulthood by developing and promoting mentoring, education, housing, internship, job, and advocacy programs. Donations can be made at


This is the new hotness in the NFL streets, and for once, a trend doesn’t suck.

It started with Bills Mafia donating over $100,000 to the Andy Dalton Foundation after he beat the Ravens to propel the Bills into the playoffs.

Vikings fans took it upon themselves to donate over $140,000 to Saints punter Thomas Morstead’s foundation.

And now Chiefs fans are thanking Alex Smith by raising what is now over $50,000 to the Alex Smith Foundation to thank him for all he did for Kansas City. It’s a very cool, very salt of the earth gesture from the good people of Missouri.

It’s not often a trend comes through that is actually good. I mean for every planking, mannequin challenge, and Gangnam Style, we get an ALS bucket challenge. And for every 5 Greg Hardys, we get 1 Alex Smith or Chris Long that raises a ton of money for charity.

So I guess it kinda makes me feel better about the trade? Silver linings? I mean sure, we lost a stud 22 year old CB, a 3rd round pick, and gave an aging a questionable amount of money…but the underprivileged youth are going to benefit as a result, which is without a doubt the best thing Dan Snyder has done for anyone in a decade.