The Rock Is Jumping Too Far In The Poster For His New Movie

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 12.12.10 PM

So I saw The Rock tweet this a moment ago, and two thoughts came to mind:

1. That is the most Rock movie poster/title ever. SKYSCRAPER?! I love it. He can’t make any movies without skyscrapers in them (San Andreas, Central Intelligence, Furious 7, Rampage, hell, there’s even a tropical type skyscraper in Moana!) so let’s stop dipping our toes in the water and dive right in. Whole movie based on a skyscraper.

2. I know he’s The Rock and all but The Rock cannot jump however far he’s jumping in that poster. It’s simply too far.

I brought this image into Photoshop and tried to measure the distance, and here’s what I got…

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 12.23.22 PM

So that’s nine, count ‘em, NINE Rocks. The Rock is 6’5″, so you multiply that height by nine and you’ve got a 58-foot-6-inch longjump, beating the previous world record longjump (Mike Powell, 1991) by 29 feet, 2 inches. He’s not flattened out completely, he’s in an action pose, and there’s a little downward trajectory from the fucking crane he’s jumping off into the shattered window of a skyscraper, so those are just ballpark numbers, but they still prove my point of the absolute ridiculousness behind this poster. And because of that, I’m out. going to be the first person in line to see this movie come summertime.