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Of Course A Kid Dressed In A Tom Brady Jersey Got Royally Degraded By Philly Fans At The Wing Bowl

Your boy KFC says “Stereotypes exist for a reason”. And it’s the same in every sports city. You don’t get involved in a knife fight in Oakland. You don’t be a visiting black centerfielder at Fenway. And you don’t show up to the most stereotypical Philadelphia event poking the bear in a Tom Brady jersey. You just, don’t. If you toss a wounded gazelle into a pack of hungry wolves, they’re gonna eat. If you throw a kid wearing a Patriots jersey into a herd of drunken degenerates who are STARVING for a championship, shit happens. Might as well be wearing a size 6. I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s reality. And that’s the world we live in. Especially at places where individuals show up at 4am to booze their faces off in freezing weather in anticipation to watch people eat wings.

PS – Robbie Fox and Jordie were among the South Philly swarm today. I miss covering the scene and getting ravaged by that damn bull at 7am. I think.