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Two Aussies Brawl On A Train But End Up Hugging It Out Because Australia

And that my friends is the Australian Difference. If you see that fight on the New York subway or the Boston T, you are like going to watch two savages fight until someone gets knocked the fuck out or some peacemaker sacrifices their well-being to break it up. Not in Australia though. Sure these two fellas got into a donnybrook. But by the end, they were the best of mates. The guy in the black shirt was nice enough to move so they had the whole car to themselves and the cameraman even had the decency to record in landscape mode.

I imagine once these two gladiators got off the train they went to the nearest pub, threw back what I imagine was multiple oversized beers, compared scars, told stories about old fights vs. different humans/animals, then probably fought two more blokes in a bar before hugging it out with them and starting the cycle anew. That’s just how Australians roll and I love them for it.

And my sneaky favorite part is that this fight video is pretty much Chaps’ beloved Jekyll and Hyde Australian politician video in reverse.

TL;DR- God bless Australia and Australians.