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Blake Griffin Found Out On Twitter That He Was Being Traded, As Is Tradition

ESPN - New Detroit Pistons forward Blake Griffin admitted Wednesday that, like the rest of the basketball world, he was surprised to be traded from the LA Clippers on Monday.

“Shocked is a good way to put it,” Griffin said during his introductory news conference at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

“Basketball is a business, the NBA is a business, and they made a decision,” Griffin told ESPN. “The only thing I just wish I had known or had the opportunity to talk to somebody beforehand. Finding out through Twitter, through other people is a tough way to find out when you’ve been with a franchise for so long. But at the end of the day, basketball is a business, and I want to play where a team wants me. And that’s why I’m excited about being here.”


So this is the new thing I suppose. Finding out via Twitter that you have been traded across the country. Not a call from the GM. Not a call from the owner. Not even a call from your agent! But a Tweet from Woj saying that you have to kiss your girlfriend goodbye and get on a plane to god damn Detroit. That can’t be a good feeling. One second you’re frolicking with Kendall Jenner on the beach in sunny LA, the next second you have to get on a plane to 8 degree Detroit, Michigan. Brutallllll.

But that’s how it works, I guess. It’s how Kendall Fuller found out he was being traded to the Chiefs. He thought it was just rumors being spread on Twitter because nobody from the organization had contacted him,

but as it turned out,

On the other hand, it’s sort of exhilarating to find out you’ve been traded via Twitter. The shock of seeing your name in a Woj Bomb, that’s gotta be every kid’s dream. Probably such a rush to be the top trend on Twitter. And then you don’t need to talk to your stuffy old agent, such a win-win.