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Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher



OhioA WOMAN teacher has admitted to lesbian sex with a 13-year-old female pupil just months after getting engaged.

Brooke Rosendale, 27, groped the teenage girl between January 4 and February 3 in Ohio, US last year.

She originally faced three counts of sexual battery, each a third-degree felony.

But the former Riverdale Local Schools teacher pleaded guilty to only one count of sexual battery with the other two charges dismissed after her plea.

Rosendale had been a fifth-grade intervention specialist and junior high girls volleyball and basketball coach at the school for three years. …

In a bizarre twist, Rosendale is believed to have got engaged to her longterm boyfriend in July 2016, just a few months before the sexual investigation was launched.

You had it, Brooke Rosendale. It was there for the taking and you blew it. You had all the makings of a great Teacher Sex Scandal all laid out for you. The looks. The talent. The utter disregard for your fiance. The complete lack of self control. All you had to do was have heterosexual sex – which is clearly a thing you’re into – with a student and you would’ve been home free. But instead you had to throw me into the middle of the unresolvable moral conundrum that is lesbian teacher sex. Which to me still feels too much like a male teacher hitting on a student. Not to mention 13 is super creepy, even by the standards of America’s thriving SST industry. So thanks for making this so hard on me.

The Grades:
Looks: Young, Fargo-era Frances McDormand with the body of a high school volleyball coach.
Grade: B

Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: I’m sorry to punt here, but I have my ethics. Adults should not be hitting on 13-year-old girls. Be better, Brooke Rosendale. I’m sure there are hundreds of male students who would be happy to help you cheat on your future husband.
Grade: Incomplete

Intangibles: Riverdale??? Honestly? You see what I mean? It would have been so perfect. What a waste of a perfectly good Sex Scandal.
Grade: A

Overall: Incomplete

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