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Lolo Jones Is A Dick And We Should All Not Be Like Her

Yesterday on Barstool Radio we were talking about Lolo Jones and her unnecessarily bashing Blake Griffin:

Dana Schwartz (writer, creator of @guyinyourMFA which is spot on) tweeted the following:

What the fuck is wrong with people? Did everyone all of a sudden forget how to be a decent human being?

Dating can be challenging: you don’t know someone but you think you may be interested so you put yourself out there, they think they’re interested but they also don’t really know you and aren’t sure if you’re interested. Feelings get hurt, people become jaded, and then the world is full of single assholes who don’t understand why they’re single.

You’re single because other singles have at some point been rejected, their guard is up, and the moment you say something not exactly in tune with their ideals, you’re out. Only they don’t know how to tell you you’re out. (And to be clear, I’ve heard this from my gal pals and my man buddies.)

The solution is really, really simple: let’s all stop being dickheads to people we date when we’re no longer into them.

If you go on a date and it didn’t end with you two picking baby names, instead of ignoring their text, maybe drop a simple “Hey, I had a nice time, I just don’t really see it going anywhere.”

Are you going to want to text them? Nope. Are you going to feel uncomfortable writing it and hitting send? Yup. Will the other person’s feelings be hurt when they receive it? Yup.

BUT they will have an answer and won’t drive themselves crazy creating stupid ass hypotheticals like:

Maybe I sent the message as soon as they were getting on the subway and the message didn’t go through?

Maybe they were texting back, dropped the phone, broke it and my number was erased before it had a chance to reach the cloud?

Maybe they’re just playing hard to get and want to see if I’ll text again to see if I’m really into them?  

It all sounds ridiculous, but let’s be honest, we’ve all been there at some point or another, so let’s help each other be better.

Unless the person fucked you over or is a genuinely garbage human being, there’s zero reason to put their business out there. You sound like a catty bitch and frankly, MAYBE YOU’RE THE BAD KISSER LOLO!

Dick move, don’t like it.

Let’s make the world less asshole-ish.