Terrell Davis's Advice For Super Bowl Players: Keep Banging!

Source –  Should Patriots and Eagles players have sex before the Super Bowl?? “GO FOR IT,” says Pro Football Hall of Famer Terrell Davis  who’s debunking the myth that bangin’ before the big game can mess with your mojo. It’s pretty simple — if you’re a studly NFL star, chances are you’re getting PLENTY of action during the season. 

So, TD advises not to break routine — “Keep doing that, don’t change.” He would know — Terrell’s a former Super Bowl MVP and 2-time SB champ with the Broncos. The one exception, of course, is if they’re NOT bangin’ during the season … but let’s be real — none of these millionaires are getting benched in the bedroom. 

Multiple NFL coaches have gone on the record saying they discourage their players from having sex before big games. Which from an outsiders perspective seems bizarre and intrusive. If Keith asked me not to cum before I blogged today I would, A) obey him, and B) be incredibly uncomfortable. But when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. The stakes are so high during the Super Bowl that you want your players to have every advantage possible. When I almost had sex last year I was exhausted to the point where I went to bed hungry rather than get up and make a sandwich. So I can imagine it would be difficult to find the motivation to play a football game.

Terrell Davis thinks otherwise. According to him, if your routine is to bang you should keep banging. And considering he’s a two-time Super Bowl champ, I’ll take his word for it. To a lot of guys I’m sure it’s like a pregame poo in the sense that it improves mental clarity, agility, and speed. For others, it may put them in a comatose state. To each their own. Last year I wrote a blog on Rick Fox, who’s advice for big games was not to poop your pants. What I’m trying to say is, if there are any NFL players out there who’s routine includes pooping their pants, keep doing it. It may be uncomfortable, but according to Terrell it just may win you the game.