Diddy Straight Up Photoshopped French Montana Out Of A Picture Like A Mean Girl

What a move from Diddy here. He didn’t just crop French Montana out of the photo. He straight up photoshopped him. Scrubbed his existence clean from the photo like a mean girl. Diddy (or someone who works for Diddy) took the time to photo shop it. The specific intent was to make sure French Montana was nowhere to be found. And not only that but his caption is extra mean. 3 kings! 3 GREAT FRIENDS! Love you guys. Basically saying, “FUCK FRENCH MONTANA. You are neither a king nor a friend nor do I love you. You aren’t nearly as important as the other guys.” That’s true but people forget that French Montana is signed to Bad Boy. He works for Diddy. Which means it is in Diddy’s best interest to get French Montana as much exposure as possible. French Montana’s success or failure affects Diddy’s bottom line and he’s still was like, “Nah. Get him outta here.” Ruthless.

How do you react if you’re French Montana? Hip hop is mostly past the days of I’m Gonna Shoot You If You Disrespect Me but French Montana might have to bring it back. Who cares that Diddy is his boss. If Barstool Sports has taught anybody anything, it’s that in-fighting at a company causes lots of drama and people love drama.