Gronk Says He Thinks He'll Play Sunday With Just The Cutest Smile Ever


I never really knew that a 6’6″ 265 pound muscle could be a cuddly teddy bear but goddammit Robert Gronkowski is exactly that. It’s not that this is much of a surprise, I think everyone expected Gronk to play on Sunday, but it’s still reassuring to get this confirmation. And boy, did he confirm it with style. Part devilish smirk, part “come on, what the fuck did you guys think?” It’s the same face you give your buddies on Sunday morning when they asked if you hooked up with that girl from the bar last night. “No, I didn’t do the most obvious thing ever you jabronis. What the hell is wrong with you? OF COURSE!”

Look forward to seeing #87 out there on Sunday, good luck Philly.