The World's Tallest Man Hung Out With The World's Shortest Woman This Weekend And The Pictures Are Nuts

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Kinda crazy pictures from the Associated Press. The world’s tallest man is about 8-foot-3, and the world’s shortest woman is checking in at 2-foot-1, both of which measurements are hard for my brain to wrap around. If the big guy laid down his head would be in a different zip code than his feet. I’m 6′, and if she STOOD ON MY HEAD, she still wouldn’t be as tall as him. He could literally stomp her straight down into the ground like they were in an old Looney Tunes cartoon. Have her poppin’ back up into the world like an accordion at the drop of a hat. He’s gotta be a shoe size 25. Anyway, how did these two meet? Did the photographer, or whatever outlet they’re from, arrange this? That’s gotta be the most awkward first date of all time. Not only are there pictures being taken of the two of you constantly, but you probably have to scream at the top of your lungs just to have a conversation. They shoulda got him one of those baby carriers for her! That seems like it would’ve been way more convenient for all involved. I suppose I don’t have a ton more to say, but I hope these two continue to hang out in front of wonders of the world for scale, and maybe one day fall in love and get married. I’m rooting for them.