Big Time Media Kerfuffle On Radio Row! Guy Gets Fussy And Then Owned By Seth Payne

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Seth Payne, former Jaguar nbd, and Josh Innes got into a little kerfuffle on Radio Row. I’m not sure what it’s all about but being told that you’re a liar, clown, a joke, lazy, and basically a bum must sting. At least he was recording it on his cell phone. He’ll have that memory in a .wave file so that he’ll be able to remember the time that he was owned the Mall of America.

I dont know who said, “you’re shaking like a little bitcc” but it was perfect timing for Josh. He needed to get out of that conversation with Seth. The random passerby gave him a good enough reason. You gotta parry to the next opponent when you get told that you’re shaking.

PS. maybe my favorite part of the whole thing is how Houston Media Gawd John McClain is sitting there with absolutely no fucks to give while these two are arguing right behind his head. That’s what they call a thousand yard media stare.

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