It's Doug Pederson's Birthday And The Man Loves Himself Some Ice Cream

There’s no denying the man is a bit Magoo. The kind of guy who when you ask if they got their hair cut they respond with “No, I got them all cut.” He really is a Dad who could be a 7th grade algebra teacher and after school sports coach. In the past, I used that example as a detriment to his coaching. Now? It’s a beneficial trait. Sure, winning spins everything into a positive. But his light hearted, “Aw Schucks” approach has obviously resonated with this team. And just like Taco Tuesday’s did during Andy Reid’s administration, so has post gamefilm ice cream with Dougie’s team.

Always reminds me of when I met Jason Avant before Doug Pederson’s first season as a head coach and my obviously skeptical self asked him about if Doug can be a head coach. Avant’s response was simply, “I love Doug Pederson.” At the time, I didn’t give a single shit. What the hell did that have to do with him being a head coach? But now, I finally understand that somethings go well beyond what goes down on the field. And, again, ice cream helps.

Happy Birthday, Dougie. Now enjoy it, and don’t get angry just yet. Virgin ears can’t handle all those non-darns!