Two Russian Radio Guests Fighting Each Other Over A Disagreement Is A Good Example Of How Us Americans Can Deal With People That Piss Us Off

Fight starts at 52:19

Daily Mail-
This is the bizarre moment a radio studio descended into chaos when two guests began fighting about Joseph Stalin. The pair came to blows live on air after being invited to discuss the Soviet dictator by a Russian radio station in the capital Moscow. A studio webcam caught how a physical altercation broke out while Nikolai Svanidze, 62, and Maksim Shevchenko, 51, discussed Stalin’s role in World War II.

Mr Svanidze, a TV and radio presenter, said the communist leader was responsible for the terrible condition the Soviet Union was in by the end of the war. He said: ‘By late 1941 we had 3.8 million people as prisoners of war and this is all thanks to Stalin.’ Mr Shevchenko, a journalist, praised Stalin’s leadership of the USSR. He contrasted the situation in the USSR with that of France during the same period.

Mr Shevchenko said: ‘Unlike France, the USSR did not kneel down to Germans. The Soviet Union was fighting.’ The discussion then turned personal, with the pair slinging insults at one another. Mr Svanidze said: ‘If you had been closer I would have punched you in the face.’ Mr Shevchenko replied: ‘Please, go ahead, I am here! Punch me in the face. Get up and do it.’ Mr Svanidze got out of his chair and slapped him around the face before being punched twice by Mr Shevchenko. The host of the Radio Rubka show on Komsomolskaya Pravda radio station can be seen desperately trying to restore calm in a video of the incident.

Look, I love the stars and stripes as much as the next guy. When I would play “War” in my backyard growing up, the Russians were always the enemies. And when push comes to shove, there was no opponent I wanted Rocky to beat more than Ivan Drago. But I think we can all agree that this video proves that the Russians know how to handle disagreements better than us.

Kids these days fight by Periscoping, tweeting, and blogging about each other. Since the internet gradually evolved to that point, we all took it as the way life is now thanks to technology instead of being a softer way out. I’m sure we can blame millennials for all this somehow, but I’m not going to. The fact of the matter is if you have a really big problem with someone, you should punch him right in the fucking mouth. That’s what Blockhead Vladimir and Donovan McBoris did in this video. That old dude knew he didn’t have a shot at beating this guy’s ass, but he threw the first punch anyway. Granted, I’m pretty sure the reason Russians always fight is because they have the most violent language in the world. Like I know that radio host was telling them to break it up, but it sounded like she was putting napalm on the fire.

Nonetheless, the best way to settle a beef is with fighting. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about the war that reshaped the world or smut blogs. People would be less likely to talk trash to each other if fists of fury were going to be the inevitable result. And lets be honest, watching two people fight is a lot more fun than watching them talk shit online. Those scheduled fights behind the buses always put asses in the seats and determined somebody’s social standing for years. I imagine the card for Rough N Rowdy 2 (BUY NOW!) is already booked, but Rough N Rowdy 3 is only a few months away…