President Trump Says We're Going To Build Everything Imaginable And We're Going To Do It With "American GRIT"


Let’s. Fucking. GO!

I’m ready to run through a brick/communist wall with this quote. And by run through a wall I mean pick up a shovel, cover my face in soot and build the fuck out of some bridges or roads or waterways or whatever we’re building. Whatever it is I’m building it. And I’m building it with American heart, American hands, and American grit. LOVE all those things. Live for that shit. I’m essentially imagining the rest of my life playing out like that day on the roof with Andy Dufresne and Red and the boys and that sounds AWESOME. How are more people not talking about this grit line? Can’t believe how good it is. Good luck Oprah cuz I’m pretty sure DJT just locked up the rust belt for 2020. We’re building everything imaginable and we’re building it with American GRIT.