Asshole Couple Hitches on the Back of a Train Going 75 MPH To Take a "Romantic" Daredevil Pic


A reckless couple risked their lives riding on the back of a 75mph train, while one filmed the dangerous stunt on a selfie stick. The pair can be seen jumping onto the back of an intercity express when it became stationary at Gomel station in Belarus. Alexander Ivanov, 19, is filmed grabbing his 18-year-old girlfriend’s hand to help her get her footing on the train.

Alexander said: “It was a really romantic adventure for us. We are both interested in extreme sports and decided to train surf together.

I’m gonna be completely honest I was hoping they fell to their death’s the entire time I was watching the video. Just praying the windscreen wipers snapped off and they plummeted, shattering their skull and spines for being such assholes. This guy probably thinks he’s the fucking shit for “train surfing” with his girl because they like to take risks and take sick pics with their selfie sticks. The term “train-surfing” is such a ridiculous phrase I cannot stand it. What the fuck do these people do after they take their picture? You’re legit stuck on a speeding train until the next stop? Sweet plan man. This guys face is so hate-able. Look at that fucking smirk.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 5.12.32 PM

The only people that should be train surfing belong in the Mission Impossible movies. I hate that he has better hair than me, but it doesn’t take much these days to top me in that area. Anyways I look forward to this couple falling off a train in the near future (they’re from Belarus so it’s fine), except the only shitty thing is their organs can’t be donated to people in need because their bodies will be mutilated. Oh shucks.