Floyd Mayweather Has Stepped Into *An* Octagon

It’s pretty funny to see how easily Floyd Mayweather sends MMA fans into a frenzy. They’re the easiest targets in the world. Like, he posted this nine-second video, and people are running around like the world is on fire.

It’s not gonna happen, guys. 40 year old Floyd Mayweather is not stepping into the mixed martial arts world. There’s no reason for him to do it. If he wants to fight Conor McGregor again (which I think he does), he’ll do it in the ring. He knows as well as everybody that he’ll get tapped out in less than sixty seconds if he came into this world. Conor gave him a quick response…

…and that’s that.

As far as my boy, I think he replied too early. Came off like a dude who’s crush just texted him, responding within the hour. Fuck Floyd. Hit him back 3 or 4 hours from now.

Hope everyone’s ready for the 50 shamrock 1 campaign.