Should Yankees Fans Be Completely Content With the Current Roster?

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As we close in on the final weeks of the offseason and finally transition into Spring Training I thought it’d be a good idea to ask whether you guys are content with the current roster? Would you be totally okay with the current roster heading into April?

The starting rotation will be returning exactly how it ended the season:

Luis Severino
Masahiro Tanaka
Sonny Gray
CC Sabathia
Jordan Montgomery

Last season the Yankees starters posted one of the better rotation ERAs in all of baseball, so for anyone to come out and say this group won’t do the job is not smart (5th in 2017; 3.72). I expect Sonny Gray to have a big time year and challenge Tanaka for the #2 spot in this rotation. He’s just too good and talented to be an average guy for this team. He definitely showed flashes last year, but he failed to get deep in a lot of starts and was shaky in the postseason. If Sonny Gray pitches like the guy I expect him to be, this team is going to be really special. There are obviously a few question marks hovering around these five guys, one of them being which Tanaka are we gonna get? For 2/3rds of the season he was straight garbage. But during the stretch run he flipped a switch, carrying that over into October where he was nearly unhittable. For most of the year we dreaded him opting into the next 3 years of his deal, but by the time the ALCS ended we were actually hoping he’d come back in a shocking turn of events.

Jordan Montgomery ran into his innings limit and was restricted from making certain starts in the 2nd half of the year. He showed he can definitely be a big league pitcher last season and I’m excited to see him build off that in 2018. CC Sabathia comes back to finish what this team started last year and helps fortify the back end with veteran experience. Can his body hold up for one more season despite being 37? He’s now becoming vegan which scares me because skinny CC throws 85 and gets rocked whereas fat CC dots the inside corner with backdoor slider after backdoor slider before painting the outside black with a 90mph fastball. Just make sure he can eat his Cap’n Crunch and I’m okay with it I guess.

Do the Yankees Need Another Starting Pitcher?

The Yanks have been in pursuit of an additional starting pitcher over the last month or so. Initially it seemed like Gerrit Cole was going to be in pinstripes, but his price tag grew too high for Cashman’s liking. Now that he’s in Houston, many have urged the Yankees to match the Astros’ move with one of their own. Patrick Corbin’s name has been floated around and appears like he wouldn’t come at the steepest of cost. Yu Darvish continues to be the top name on the free agent market in terms of pitchers, but signing him would require a reacting move of getting rid of a contract. Ellsbury would be ideal of course to get out of our lives, but his no-trade clause along with him not being very good at baseball are two big obstacles to hurdle to complete a deal. David Robertson’s contract would be another one to possibly move as the Yanks still come into 2018 with one of the best bullpens in all of baseball, if not the best. I love D-Rob and would hate to see him go, but if Cashman really wants to add a 6th starter he may have to be the expendable outgoing move. Michael Fullmer has also been brought up but I want absolutely nothing to do with him. As Detroit hopes to rebuild quickly, they want a king’s ransom for the young kid and I’m just not okay with any of it. Fullmer doesn’t move the needle for me (maybe it’s because the Yanks shelled him last year twice).

There are internal moves that could also improve the starting rotation. What in the world are we gonna do with Chance Adams? What’s the point of not promoting this guy? How much more does he have to prove in the minors to earn himself a shot? There are questions from last year if his stuff will translate to the majors. How bad must his third pitch be that Cashman and others within the organization are worried about it? Just promote the kid and lets see what he has. Jesus Christ. Chad Green was mentioned by Cashman as moving into the rotation in 2018 which is still on the table if they don’t go out and get another guy. Green had very solid sabremetric numbers when he was a starter in 2016 for a few months, but he was one of the best relievers in all of baseball in his new bullpen role last season. Me personally, I’d keep Green in the bullpen and not try and create Joba Chamberlain 2.0. Justus Sheffield is the golden child. He has three plus pitches and has all the makeup of being the ace of this staff along with Severino for the next decade. He’s one of, if not the best, left handed pitching prospect in all of baseball. I’d still be a little shocked if we see him this year, and if he does make an appearance it won’t be til later in the year.

So there are internal options to help fortify the staff and give us some insurance in case CC’s body breaks down or Montgomery runs into a little sophomore slump. We’re a few weeks from Spring Training with Darvish and Corbin still on the table. But Cashman doesn’t need to panic with the options we currently have.

Is the Infield Good Enough?

With Starlin Castro and Chase Headley departing, the infield has some holes to fill. Gleyber Torres, the chosen one, is ready to go and make his MLB debut. As I wrote earlier in the month, Cashman should opt to keep him in the minors for the first two weeks to preserve another year of team control. For two weeks this team can use any combination of newcomers Danny Espinosa, Jace Peterson, Tyler Wade, and Ronny Torreyes until Gleyber comes up. Over at third base it seems like the plan is to start youngster Miguel Andujar. With that plan on the table, that would mean by May we would have two rookies starting in the infield which can certainly be scary. Andujar’s big issue last year was his defense. But I’m assuming that’s all he’s worked on in the offseason. Torres (1) and Andujar (5) rank both in the organization’s Top 5 according to Baseball America. As long as Andujar’s glove has cleaned up, his arm will be a strong point as he has a cannon that has 3rd base written all over it. With the signings of Peterson and Espinosa as insurance, that tells me Cashman is content with the infield of 1B Greg Bird, 2B Gleyber Torres, SS Didi Gregorius 3B Miguel Andujar for 2018. To be honest, I’m pretty fucking excited for these guys to boost this lineup even further. You thought Stanton was gonna make this team better? Well obviously he will, but adding in Gleyber and Andujar will be unfair. Top to bottom this team rakes and should lead the league in runs scored no doubt about it.

So if you’re asking me if I’m content with the roster, the answer is yes. I’m content. Not having to make a trade involving Clint Frazier to get another starter is fine by me. Having Clint as my fourth outfielder for protection in case the sometimes injury prone Stanton or anyone else get banged up is a good call in my mind. I’ve gone back and forth about dealing Clint Frazier for an arm in the past. But at this point he’s more valuable in terms of the future of left field if he can put his game together. The man plays his balls off every game and that’s a guy I want on my squad. I also think he will be the instigator in an all-out brawl against Boston which will be awesome.

I’ve never looked forward to a season more in my life than the 2018 New York Yankees. Lets fucking go already!!