Should I Be Upset That My Deli Won't Offer Me A Free Sandwich?

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I have a very regimented morning commute which culminates with me grabbing a breakfast sandwich at the local deli. Sausage, egg and cheese on everything bagel — da GOAT. They’re nice guys in my deli, very reliable. We oft engage in chit chat: they’re from Bangladesh and, unfortunately, business is down the last few months due to several reasons. The opening of a few new spots in the neighborhood and unusually cold weather, even for December and January, sure hasn’t helped. It’s a shame, they’re nice guys.

Each morning I pop in en route to the office, make eye contact, head up to the office to say hey and drop off my stuff, then return about 10 minutes later. My sandwich is always ready, I scoop it, pay them $4 and drop an extra $1 in the tip jar. They’re efficient and reliable and make a delicious product — the extra buck is well-deserved.

Last week the deli’s heat broke. It was bone-chillingly cold out, around 15 degrees, and I remember thinking after they told me: “Wow, it is rather chilly in here.”

Upon returning to the office I grabbed an extra space heater we had lying around the office and ran it down.

A nice guy move, no doubt. But also a move you’d expect to warrant maybe some good karma points and a Bangladeshi deli perk or two.

The next morning, as is tradition, I strolled in and walked up to the counter. “Thank you so much for the heater, gentleman,” he said. “Normal sandwich on bagel, gentleman?”

As you can see, our Bangladeshi man doesn’t understand the proper use of the term “gentleman” and I don’t have the heart to tell him. He just drops random, floating “gentlemans.” He’s a very respectful guy.

I said yes then headed up to the office. I returned about 10 minutes later and walked up to the counter.

“Four dollars,” he said.

I was stunned. Like a robot I handed him 4 bucks, tossed another 1 in the jar and left.

So now I have so many questions. Is it an arrogant move to expect these guys to give me a free sandwich? What do I do now? Do I not tip for a few days to send a message? Do I switch delis? Do I just go on like nothing happened like some schmuck?

A wedge has been driven between myself and the Bangladeshis. Our relationship will never be the same. I just had to go and be a Midwestern nice guy and ruin everything.

This sucks… shoulda just let the fuckers freeze.