I Will Use Dave Pinnochio’s (CEO of Bleacher Report) Words To Fuel My Empire

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So as everybody probably knows by now the CEO of Bleacher Report Dave Pinnochio took an unprovoked shot at Barstool Sports yesterday. He said we’d never be as big as them. That we’re not inclusive. That we offend people on purpose, blah, blah, blah.

Well congratulations dude you just entered the mud zone. Now I must bury you. I won’t sleep, rest or stop till you bend the knee to me. We are the fastest growing media company on the planet because our fans care about us. Our fans fight for us. Our fans die for us. That’s why we just got a Sirius station while your station got cancelled. That’s why you have 2,000 twitter followers and my African Midget has 15,000. Because nobody gives a fuck about Bleacher Report. You guys are wallpaper. You are twitter eggs. Fancy algorithms and smoke and mirrors only take you so far. We are built on a foundation of newspapers and bricks.  You are built on a pile of shit. We went from a 15 million valuation to a 100+ million valuation in a year. Now it’s time for you to learn the hard way the power of the Stoolies. I am going to use your hatred to fuel my empire.

And what better show of strength than all these Stoolies deleting the Bleacher Report app without even being asked to? Now it’s time to up the anti. If you haven’t downloaded our app yet now is the time. You want to see how fast we can grow Pinnochio? Watch the app rankings on ITunes over the next 24 hours after I press publish on this blog. You did this to yourself. Welcome to the MUD.

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