Fuck The California School Teacher And City Council Member Filmed Calling Military Members 'Lowest Of The Low'

The audacity of a teacher to sit in a position of authority and disparage the desires and dreams of children while belittling the career choices of his students in one thing. To paint a picture with such a broad stroke by saying that all military members are the lowest of the low is another.

I mean, many of the things that I could say about this video is common sense to most everyone in the country. The military not only produces some great people, but it produces some of our brightest as well. From Democrats like Seth Moulton and Tammy Duckworth to Republicans like Adam Kinzinger and John McCain. From McMaster to Comey or from Alejandro Villanueva to Kyle Carpenter; the military of the last generation is currently stepping up to lead and shape the future of America.

With that being said, the greatness of the American veteran isn’t seen just in the Halls of Congress but rather in our everyday lives. They are often the hard worker who goes just a little bit beyond most others. Hard work certainly isn’t just limited to the veteran. If you are a veteran, we know that you have experienced hard work. Learning to work hard was one of the greatest lessons I learned during my time in the Marine Corps. Those lessons stay with you no matter what you choose as a post-military career.

That’s why veterans are the most willing hands in the face of disaster. It’s why veterans are often the reasonable voice in the face of adversity. Without question, sometimes veterans are the shit heads in the group. That’s true. But to suggest veterans are the lowest of the low simply isn’t true. The lowest of the low is standing in front of high school students and going on an unchecked soliloquy filled with historical hindsight bias directed at a young man’s desire to serve his country and mocking his family members. Fuck this teacher. Semper Fi, young buck. I hope he goes on to earn the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. I’d suggest intel gathering as a job.

PS: the teacher’s haircut is stolen valor

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