Did Nick Foles Have The Green Light To Fight Tom Brady Last Night For Shaking His Hand With A Glove On?


Like plenty of other Philly fans, I like to start my day by listening to the 97.5 morning crew. While I wouldn’t say that Philly sports radio callers are always the brightest and most rational bunch, they’re usually good for bringing up at least a few good points a day. And earlier this morning, one caller brought up the great point that Tom Brady is the scum of the Earth for refusing to take off his glove to shake Nick Foles’ hand.

You’re indoors. Up on stage with a quarterback who just put on one of the greatest playoff performances that any QB in NFL history has put on. And now you two are the face of Super Bowl LII. How about you show a little bit of respect for the guy, no? I don’t care if your hand is injured or not. I don’t care if you’re trying to play mind games or not. If Tom Brady had any ounce of integrity in his body, he’d take off his glove and shake Nick’s hand like a man. But Brady has proven time and time again that he’s nothing but a liar, a cheat, and a thief. So why would we ever expect him to have any shred of integrity?

So now that places the responsibility on Nick Foles to do with this whatever he wants. He had every right in the world to punch Tom square in the face last night after this handshake. It was the ultimate sign of disrespect and where I come from, those are fightin words. I’d even say that Nick Foles had the green light to punch below the belt but Foles is a man of honor so he’d never stoop that low. So instead, what we saw from Nick Foles last night was composure, grace, and a dick as long of the Mississippi River. But that doesn’t change the fact that he still is the holder of one “Beat Tom’s Ass For Free” card. Hopefully he uses it on Sunday night.