WOJ BOMB: Is Blake Griffin About To Be Traded? UPDATE: Yes.

Charlotte Hornets v Los Angeles Clippers


I have to say, this shocked me for a couple reasons. First, the Clippers are in playoff contention, why are they suddenly considering blowing it up? The just locked up their franchise talent to a max extension this summer, they aren’t at risk of losing him. I get that the Clippers need wing help, but Avery Bradley is a RFA, and Tobias Harris is good and all, but is that worth losing Blake for? For the Pistons, I guess you’re planning on playing Blake and Drummond together? Sort of like a Eastern conference version of the Clippers?

But back to Blake for a second. Can you imagine how bullshit he would be if this happened? He could have gone ANYWHERE this summer, chose to stay loyal to the only team he’s ever played for, got a shit ton of money, and a few months later now how to live in a cold ass city like Detroit?

Then there’s also this. Are we sure Doc Rivers wants to stick around for a rebuild? He certainly didn’t in Boston, and rebuilding in the East is about 10000000x easier than in the West right now. I’m not positive how many years left are on his deal, but would it shock anyone if this deal went down and he looked around and got the fuck out of there?

If you’re the Pistons, you may as well swing for the fences. Your season has sort of fallen apart since Reggie Jackson got hurt, and if you don’t plan on keeping Avery and paying him whatever the market dictates, then you can do worse than try and get Blake and build around that moving forward.



Oh. My. God.