Just When I Thought We Had The Best Super Bowl Shirts...


Barstool Sports [dot] com has been slingin’ tees since the dawn of time. Something big happens, boom there’s a million tshirts. New catch phrase that takes the nation by storm? Bang, there’s another million tshirts. Millions upon millions upon millions of tshirts have been pimped out by Barstool Sports [dot] com and it’s something that we pride ourselves on here. Especially when it comes to Super Bowl tshirts.

With that being said, it feels like a massive kick square in the dick that we didn’t come up with this A1 quality tee first.  It is, to quote the late great David Portnoy, Mt Vesuvius Fire Flames.

Purple shirt.

“Go Patriots!” in red.

“I’m a Viking’s fan” in yellow.

It is so simple yet at the same time it is the definition of elegance. The biggest question on everybody’s minds right now is whether or not this fashion icon is going to continue living in Minnesota even after he makes 40 kabillion dollars in sales of this one, single shirt. You get that kind of money and fame and it’s hard to remain rooted. But buddy here has made it very clear that he’s a die hard Viking’s fan so I doubt he’d ever abandon the “Bold North”.

Either way, I think we can all agree the Eagles shouldn’t even show up to play on Sunday. Not if this man is going to be in attendance. That’s game, set, match.