What's Behind The Blur: Nipple Or Pepperoni?

So Kim Kardashian posted this picture late yesterday on Pretty intense picture for a family website but interesting nonetheless. It appears to be her wearing a fur coat and a thong. That much I know to be true. The question is though, what’s behind the blur? It’s absolutely baffling. It’s peculiar because everything else in the picture is completely unblurred. She has arms. She has legs. She has a head and a face and hair. All of which are completely visible to the naked eye. But then there’s one speck on her boob that’s blurred. What in the world could it possibly be? Perplexing.

I quote tweeted her tweet on Twitter and wondered the same thing. Luckily my loyal followers were on hand to help me try and solve the mystery. There were two prevailing guesses that I saw over and over and over again. It’s either a nipple or a piece of pepperoni behind the blur. You might instantly assume that it’s a nipple due to the placement of the blur. But where do you get the ego to be so presumptuous? Would you be completely shocked if the blur was removed and a delicious pepperoni slice was sitting atop her breast? I wouldn’t be. These things happen. Unfortunately we’ll never know because the image is blurred. Nipple or pepperoni? It shall remain a mystery for the rest of eternity.