Meet The Rough N Rowdy 2 Fighters - Sal Cuccia NY Native/Morgantown Bouncer

Here’s another example of why I LOVE the Rough N’ Rowdy. Where else can you take a native New York meat titan like this and stick him against a good ol boy from West Virginia? NOWHERE folks. Sal works as a bouncer in Morgantown and for all I know he’s already beaten the shit out of half the field entering Rough N’ Rowdy 2…

He said he’s not afraid to piss off a few hillbillies and with the way he’s rocking those double studs in public, that should only be a matter of time. Can the NYC fitness model slash bouncer back up the smack on February 16th? There’s only one way to find out.

$9.99 now… $15.99 Day of the Fight

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